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(9) MLHS SIP Leadership Team

(9) MLHS SIP Leadership Team
3/19/2020, 12:00 PM 3:00 PM

School Improvement Plan
High Leverage Instructional Strategies Resources

Dept Picked Instructional Strategies
Goal 2 Staff Mtg Presentation

Bring: Chromebooks and a willing heart!

Budget Code for sub: 5836 27 2914 426 (EL School Improvement Grant) - You will need coverage as needed for 6th through 9th. Most likely many of you will have to do a customized time. Check with Kristy if you have questions. Those of you who have class 6th, can eat lunch the first half of 6th prior to our meeting.

Compensation: Zuver and Sands will pinksheet their time for 9th period since they are on 1st track.


  • Welcome
  • EL Learning
  • Data Review
  • Spring Outreach Team Debrief
    • Expectations from OSPI
  • 3 Goal Area Debriefs
    • Share with group new information on the SIP
    • Status
    • Celebrations - Challenges
  • Goal Team Work
  • Good of the Order

Lingering thoughts, to-dos from last spring:
  1. Mini-goals we were working on at the end of the year last year...
  • Increase awareness
    • ELPA, Use of Achievement Level Descriptors (ALD), Looking at data, Characteristics of LTELs
  • How to access data through Homeroom
  • How to monitor language use and development
  • Instructional Strategies
  • EL Assessment options - CTE Pathways - See attached bulletin
  • 28% drop out rate for ELs at MLHS

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