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1232 - $Redefining the Classroom

1232 - $Redefining the Classroom
3/9/2020, 3:45 PM 4:45 PM
Kittleson Room Learning Services Center,

Session 2 of 4 Stefan Troutman

This course will consist of three separate learning cycles, each focusing on a different instructional concept.
All participants will start with the same topic, Student Discourse, but will be able to choose from a list of
options for their final two sessions.
Each learning cycle will have the same structure: 2 hours of independent work and a 1 hour meeting at the
end of the month.

The independent work will consist of three required levels:

Level 1) "Why"
Teachers will engage in research on the topic and testimonials from teachers, coaches, and experts who are
actively engaged in the topic.

Level 2) "How"
In this level, teachers will apply the concept at hand through structured lesson planning. They will design a
lesson using the topic at hand then teach said lesson in a give time frame.

Level 3) "Reflection"
In the final required level teachers will intentionally reflect on the lesson they taught and the learning cycle
they have been engaged in. They will also prepare a short presentation for the other members of the PD to
be given at the next group meeting.

During this time, the coach's role will be to provide feedback and assistance, answer questions, and

Each monthly meeting will be an hour and will center around the teachers collaborating and sharing their
work from the learning cycle.

Prerequisite(s) All four sessions are NON-negotiable and ALL MUST be attended

January's session will cover 

Session 1: February 10th
Session 2: March 9th
Session 3: April 15th
Session 4: May 11th

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