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Growth is always good!

December 1, 2017

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Many of you have heard about the increase in numbers at Moses Lake High School. While overcrowding may not be solved for years, we are increasing our Life Skills programming by one teacher. This ensures safety and allows us to better support students successfully transition to adulthood.

Please welcome Jodi Truman to our MLHS Life Skills team and we are excited to be starting her transition to the new position. She is working on a slow transition and will be between the resource room and life skills until the holiday break. Starting in January, she will be in life skills full time. We will not make any changes to classrooms or schedules until semester (January 26). 

Though it may be scary for students to think about their favorite teacher leaving the classroom or schedule changes after part of the year, adapting to this kind of change can be healthy.  Each time a student works with a new individual it allows them to learn social skills in flexibility, working with new adults, and meeting new challenges successfully.

If your child is going to have a case manager or schedule change, you will receive a phone call prior to vacation, with more specific details about your student. 

Concerns over your student’s individual program should be handled by an IEP team, so if you have concerns let’s schedule a meeting. 

I am available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have about our programming changes.  



James Yonko                                                              

Assistant Principal, Moses Lake High School                 

509-766-2666 x 40101                                                 



Darcy Johnson 

Special Service Director 

509-766-2670 x 7599

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