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Insurance Information

As part of Moses Lake School District's commitment to 21st Century Learning, a Chromebook (Google laptop) will be issued to your student for their use at school and home. We are very excited to be able to make these powerful tools available to our students. We also understand that both students and parents are concerned about keeping these tools secure and in good working order.

Like textbooks, team uniforms and other school property issued to your student, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of these valuable resources. The Chromebook is no different, but it does represent an increased cost to the district and liability to students and parents. We know that loss and accidents will happen. District policies, regulations, and practices require that a fee is levied to cover the repair or replacement cost of district property. With computing devices, like the Chromebooks, the cost of loss or damage can be significant.

The district provides Chromebook Insurance as a way for families to reduce the financial risk if a Chromebook is accidentally damaged, stolen, or vandalized. Working as a team we can lessen the impact of an accident or theft. Please download and complete the attached insurance agreement and return to your student's school along with payment.