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COVID-19 Dashboard // 2021-22

It is more important than ever to remind our community that children who are ill should be kept home regardless of symptom severity. This includes a cold or flu type illness. Please do not send your child to school sick!
Remember, illness is not solely determined by temperature. Illness may present as a variety of symptoms including congestion, cough, sniffles, and sore throats. In addition, children with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater will be sent home.We encourage everyone to continue to abide by COVID safety protocol by avoiding large gatherings, maintaining physical distance as much as possible, and wearing a mask.
Thank you for helping us to keep our schools healthy!
Updated Daily. The Moses Lake School District COVID-19 Dashboard reports information regarding the confirmed positive COVID-19 cases of staff and students. This page was created to inform the MLSD community of positive COVID-19 cases among our students, faculty, and staff on campus and promote transparent communication. It is updated on numerous occasions throughout the day, every day. For questions regarding the dashboard data, please email:
In partnership with the Grant County Health District, individuals believed to be in close contact with positive cases, and that are deemed at risk, will be notified directly and provided with quarantine instructions. Confidentiality laws prohibit disclosure of an individual's identity. Parents/guardians will receive a notification only if your child has been identified as a close contact*  Monitor all COVID cases at your school via the dashboard below.
* Close contacts are defined as those within one seat of proximity on a bus, in a classroom, in a cafeteria, or a contact that has spent time nearby in a recess activity.
** When an active case is confirmed, it is added simultaneously to both the "past 14 days" column and "cumulative" column. 
Moving schools to fully remote is a preventative safety measure and does not necessarily indicate an emergency response. A closure may occur for one of three reasons (or any combination thereof):
• Buildings are, in any capacity,* too short-staffed to support the building's needs
• GCHD advises closure
*While our COVID tracker may report few or little cases among staff/students in an individual school, additional staff or support staff may have been asked to self-quarantine.
Faculty that have been asked to quarantine as a precaution are not reflected on the COVID tracker but greatly impact the function of each school, especially several positions that are extremely difficult to find coverage for.