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Digital Learning Center

New location of the MLSD Digital Offices. 1530 Pilgrim St. (By the HS)


Welcome to the Digital Learning Center

What is the Digital Learning Center (DLC)?
The DLC was established in 2021 as Moses Lake School District's fully accredited online learning secondary school, serving students in grades 6–12. Curriculum through Engenuity fully aligns with WA state and OSPI standards. Unlike other online or remote learning programs, the DLC is proud to have a unique connection with kids. Our students meet with mentors weekly to check-in, identify barriers, take testings, and receive support to achieve success. 
Each student is met with an individualized academic plan to meet their goals and accommodate learning styles, disabilities, jobs, families, and more. Students also have access to counselors for additional social-emotional support tools. 


Students wishing to attend the Digital Learning Center during the current year, or beginning in the Fall of the 2024-25 school year can apply through the MLSD Transfer Process. For students currently in the Moses Lake School District, please complete the In-District transfer form located here and return to the District Office. Please know that completing the transfer form does not guarantee placement into the Digital Learning Center and students should continue enrollment at their present school until they are officially enrolled with the Digital Learning Center.*


*Each applicant's timeline and acceptance into our program can vary based on the need for online learning, the time of enrollment, and the current number of students enrolled at the Digital Learning Center.


Student Success

Prior to applying for DLC. we encourage all students/families to consider the following: 

  • Is it important for my child to have face-face interaction when learning? 
  • Is my child an independent learner who enjoys discovering things on their own? 
  • Is my child self-motivated and organized? 
  • Do we have a reliable internet connection? 
  • As a family, are we able to set a school schedule for our child at home and support their progress? 

We understand that an online format may also be needed as an educational bridge for some students due to severe health issues, traumatic life events, and/or other unplanned circumstances that have made in-person attendance an obstacle impacting a student’s overall academic success. 


"The Digital Learning Program has been a very wonderful resource for my son Pedro. In a small town where resources for children with special needs are very limited, this school has been a God sent for my son and other children who are affected by disabilities that make it harder for them to function in a traditional classroom. Having the opportunity to work at his own pace and to do so in the comfort of his home has made learning less of a struggle for him. He has made more progress in the 2 years here than he had in 6 years prior within the traditional classroom. I am thankful for his teacher who is amazing and the staff who are always very nice and supportive." –Pedro's mom
"Hi, my name is Alexis, I’m a senior at Moses Lake High School and the Digital Learning Program. I have been in this program now since I was in 9th grade. It has helped me learn at my own pace, I moved pretty fast compared to the high school... When I first started, the idea of having everything online was weird to me but I was happy I didn’t have to video call a teacher.
Due to medical issues, I could only handle so many things from stress-exhaustion, that’s why online and part-time was my best bet. After Mr. Boole learned I was actually doing my work it was as if I saw hope in his eyes that people cared about what they were doing. He would help me out when needed, I’d meet him once a week. By the time I finished my freshman year, I was at least 1.5 credits ahead! Because the High School had a slow pace, I’d get bored and take more online classes. I will gladly admit, my counselor wasn’t happy. She thought I should be at the same pace as every other kid, but I didn’t. I was originally doing it to have a nice easy senior year but, senior year is here and I decided to be a running start kid! (Yeah, I’m insane.) 
I know most people don’t take advantage of this program, some don’t even know about it. Most don’t even know it exists. As the ones who do think it’s for the “bad kids” who are behind. It’s not. It can be for everyone who tries hard enough to get somewhere. You’ll also learn some very valuable skills like not procrastinating, being responsible on your own, doing things by deadlines. It helped me as a person and I met some really cool people in the process. If you’re considering doing digital classes, I encourage you to do it." –Alexis
"I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the online learning center and the staff there. They have been so supportive and were pivotal in my daughter's success in the school district in the last two years. We were at a point where I was about to pull my daughter out of public school and pursue home school when her counselor suggested online classes. We were both relieved and happy with the outcome. She was still able to attend some classes at Chief Moses Middle School allowing her not to be totally secluded. Some may think that this is easier and maybe and easy-going approach, however, I disagree. We have weekly meetings to discuss progress and my daughter has to spend so many hours a week on each class to maintain satisfactory status. I appreciate being more involved in her education and the ability to have this offered in our district." –Tiffany
"Since I have been I digital my grades have improved a lot. That is because I can learn at my own pace. In public school, I used to either get confused because the teacher was teaching too fast for me to understand, or I would get bored because they taught too slow. With digital there is no longer the problem of me having to catch up because I was sick, I can just do my school work from home and not have to worry about rushing through work trying to get caught up. I used to miss 20 or more days of school a year. That was a lot of learning I missed out on because I dreaded going to school so early. With digital, I only have to go to school once a week and I get more learning done than in public school." –Conlan
"I was frequently picked on when I went to school and was too scared to even go to school. Digital has given me the opportunity to continue my school work in a safe setting. It allows me to work at my own pace. In a classroom setting, I got bored waiting for classmates to understand the concept. Also, help is available whenever I need it. I have weekly meetings with my teacher to discuss my progress which helps me stay on track." –Kellan
"Digital has helped me on getting my high school diploma a lot. If I wouldn’t have started with digital I would have never got back into school. Since I work and never have time to just go in and sit down to do work. I'm glad I can just go in and check-in or do a test any day of the week at any time. I think it’s the best choice for kids like me who just don’t like being at school, or have a hard time learning in a class. My favorite part of it is that you can go really fast if you want or just take your time if you’re struggling. You don’t have to be waiting on everyone else in a class. I wish I could’ve started Digital back in my Freshman year. I would have graduated on time and I wouldn’t have wasted so much time sitting in a classroom where I would just not understand the teaching or just distracted with other things that would keep me from going to school." –Luis