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[ UPDATE 05.26.22 ]
NOVA UPDATE // Testing 

NOVA testing for this school year is coming to a close June 2, 2022. Parents/Guardians will receive notification of their child’s results by mail - Letters will be sent at the end of June. Students who have qualified for HiCap services will begin NOVA classes next fall. Specific program information and scheduling for  students who have qualified for services will be available in September 2022.

Referral Process: Teachers, parents, and community members can refer a student for testing. The referral window is February 1st - March 15th each year. The Referral Form must be completed, signed by parent/guardian and returned to the student’s neighborhood school before March 15th.

Any student nominated after that date will not be scheduled for testing until the following school year. Testing is completed in May and June of every school year.  Results are mailed to parents/guardians at the end of June.

For questions, please contact: 

The NOVA (Highly Capable) Program

The NOVA Program provides services for advanced learners with a continuum of learning experiences that lead them to the development of advanced learning and thinking skills. Enrichment activities, modifications in instructional strategies, content, and the development of skills and/or products are part of the services that are provided. The program helps to develop self-actualized learners by encouraging effective communication, guiding learners to be focused and self-directed, nurturing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and focusing on independent research study skills, as well as developing critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
The purpose of the NOVA program is to seek, identify, and provide advanced learners with experiences that will develop the potential of each individual. NOVA is designed to challenge identified students in order to fully develop their talents and abilities.

About the NOVA Program

NOVA is taught by two highly qualified teachers. It is a one day per week pull-out program for students 3rd -5th grade who have been identified as Highly Capable according to state regulations. The students learn by creative exploration through project-centered curricula. They work with other students from across the district who also qualified to participate in the NOVA Program.
Students are transported by bus to Knolls Vista Elementary to participate in the program. They return to their “home” school at the end of the day.
A short homework assignment (thinking exercise) is sent home each week to establish a "NOVA to Home" connection. Families are encouraged to work together to complete the assignment and return it the following week. There may be times during the year when students will be expected to put in additional time outside the NOVA classroom to complete special projects.

About NOVA students

A NOVA student exhibits high capabilities in intellect and/or creativity. These students have the potential to excel in a specific academic field and may exhibit strong leadership qualities. NOVA students represent varying cultural and socioeconomic groups.

How to refer a student for testing

Students who qualify for NOVA must demonstrate strong cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and exceptional creativity. Teachers, school support staff, family, or members of the community may refer a student for testing.
Testing referral and permission forms are available at all of the elementary schools. Students are screened in the spring utilizing multiple assessment tools.