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Moses Lake School District
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Accessibility Information

This website forms a living document and is regularly updated. We strive to make them universally accessible. We try to minimize the use of graphics and photos and provide descriptions of them when they are included. Video clips are open-captioned, providing access to users who can't hear the audio. Suggestions for increasing the accessibility of these pages are welcome ([email protected]).
We have added a feature that is called PageAssist. It is available on all of our pages in the bottom right-hand corner and looks like a small person within a circle.
Screenshot of PageAssist logo
When you hover over it, you will see text that says "Discover your personalization options", and the company name for the service appears under the person logo. That text says Monsido.
Discover your personalization options
After clicking in this box, you will now see a toolbar across the bottom of the webpage.
PageAssist Toolbar screenshot
Selecting "Open Personalized View" will open up another set of icons and allow you to change the font size, the background color (or theme), and change the actual font to something that is easier for you to read.
Open Personalized View Screenshot
Selecting "Open Site Menu" provides a text version of all of the dynamic menus on the page.
Site Menu example Screenshot
Selecting "Open Keyboard Navigation" provides a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate within PageAssist.
Keyboard Navigation Screenshot