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Bus Rules & Consequences

The Moses Lake School District is committed to operating the safest transportation system possible through maintenance, continuous driver training, and appropriate student behavior. This third component, appropriate student behavior, requires the help and cooperation of the students and you, the parent/guardian.

The privilege of riding a school bus is offered to all qualifying students contingent upon the students following the Conduct Expectations for Bus Riders. Students and parents/guardians are expected to be familiar with the Conduct Expectations and the Consequences for Bus Misconduct as noted below.

The Assistant Transportation Director is responsible for the administration of the discipline and the resolution of the student misconduct problems in the bus environment. Parents/guardians may appeal the Assistant Directors decision to the Transportation Director if they feel that a procedure has been erroneously applied. Appeals of the Transportation Director’s decision should be addressed to the Moses Lake School District  hearing officer through the Administration office within three school days of the Transportation Director’s decision.

Classroom conduct is the acceptable behavior on a school bus. Classroom conduct is interpreted to mean ; following the bus driver’s direction, remaining properly seated, keeping your hands and personal items to yourself and talking with others in your immediate vicinity only. Students of all grade levels may be riding the bus, so language and conversation content should be structured accordingly.

The buses may carry all grades simultaneously. In these situations, the driver will separate the students by school or grade  level. The drive may assign students to seats outside these parameters in response to a parent request, to separate students, or to move a student closer to the driver.

Parents who wish to discuss their student’s conduct on the bus may contact the Transportation Department 509-793-7200. Please have some basic information ready, such as route number and the day of concern along with a time the driver may return your call. The driver will make every attempt to return your call in a timely manner. Our intent is for the drivers and parent/guardian to discuss a mutually agreed upon plan to correct the behavior/situation on the bus.

If a school bus Misconduct Report is issued, it is the responsibility of the student to share it with their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must sign the Misconduct Report for the students' bus riding privileges to resume.

If the Misconduct Report is a warning, the Transportation Department will send a letter to the parent/guardian informing them of the misbehavior and encouraging the parent to work with the driver and student to avert further problems. The letter will be accompanied by copies of the Misconduct Report,Conduct Expectations and Consequences for  Misconduct.

If the Misconduct Report involves a suspension of the student from the bus, the Transportation Department through the driver, will make a sincere effort to notify the student’s parent/guardian verbally prior to the initiation of the suspension. The students' school will also be notified of the suspension including the beginning and end date. The loss of riding privileges will be for all buses including vocational and sports transportation.

If the Misconduct Report is for Exceptional Misconduct, the Transportation Department, will contact the student’s parent/guardian informing them of an immediate suspension of bus riding privileges. Suspension from the bus, by definition, means all buses. A conference with the student, parent/guardian, transportation staff and the bus driver may be required before the student is allowed to return to the bus.If the conduct is severe enough, the student will forfeit all bus riding privileges.

In accordance with WAC 392-141-035

We continue to strive to offer all qualifying students a safe and courteous transportation system. The continuing use of the Transportation system by the student will depend on their behavior. Students will:

  1. Cooperate with and obey the school bus driver. This includes responding to a reasonable request promptly and giving your proper name.
  2. Remain properly seated at all times. Students may be assigned to a particular seat or area.
  3. Use appropriate language. No profanity, derogatory, or unacceptable language.
  4. Act in a safe and courteous manner at all times, including the bus stop.
  5. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival time in the morning and be on time to board the bus. Once the bus has closed the door and is in motion, it will not stop.
  6. Ride their regularly assigned bus. A bus pass issued by the school office is required to depart the bus at any other stop that is not their designated stop. A pass is also required to ride a bus other than their own. This is limited to space available.
  7. Cross the road in front of the school bus and only with a signal from the driver.
  8. Request permission from the driver before bringing heavy, sharp, bulky and/or articles which may be hazardous in the event of an accident, or emergency stop. Most items may be transported in the cargo compartment if it is safe to do so. Please check with the driver before bringing the items to the bus. Items that will not be transported include but are not limited to; all forms of animal life (except ADA service animals), fire arms, weapons, breakable containers, flammables, aerosols containers, sharp items, cologne/perfume and all articles which could adversely affect the safety of the bus and passengers. 
  9. Keep small items (if allowed at school) in a bag on your lap or on the seat.
  10. Aisles, rear decks, and emergency exits will be kept clear at all times. This includes feet, legs, backpacks and other articles.
  11. Ask the bus driver permission before opening the windows. Keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.
  12. Be responsible for any damage you do. (Students will be required to reimburse MLSD for any damage done).
  13. Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited. Please help keep the bus clean.
  14. Leave all controls, emergency doors and equipment alone. Stay out of the drivers area.
  15. In an emergency, follow the bus drivers instructions and evacuate the bus in a timely manner.


The school bus driver will use various student management procedures. Some of these procedures may include verbal warnings, moving students to another seat, assigning a seat and homework assignments.

In the case of continuing problems, safety issues or Exceptional Misconduct, the driver will issue a Misconduct Report. The student is responsible for sharing the Misconduct Report with their parent{s)/guardian{s). A parent/guardian must sign the Misconduct Report for the student's bus riding privilege to continue.

Misconduct Reports Grades K–3 Grades 4–5 Grades 6–12
First Report
Warning letter to parent/guardian and school. Warning letter to parent/guardian or up to three (3) days exclusion from all buses.  Warning letter to parent/guardian or up to three (5) days exclusion from all buses. 
Second Report Letter to parent/guardian, phone call to school, and conferences with student. Three (3) days exclusion from all buses.  Five (5) days exclusion from all buses. 
Third Report Three (3) days exclusion from all buses.  Five (5) days exclusion from all buses.  Ten (10) days exclusion from all buses. 
Fourth Report Five (5) days exclusion from all buses.  Ten (10) days exclusion from all buses.  Up to ninety (90) days exclusion from all buses. 
Fifth Report Ten (10) days exclusion from all buses.  Up to ninety (90) days exclusion from all buses.  Exclusion from all buses for the remainder of the school year. 



Exceptional misconduct includes, but is not limited to: sexual behavior, use or under the influence of drugs or alcohol; hitting or physical violence {ALL PARTICIPANTS); possession of dangerous weapons, fire arms or incendiary devices; theft, extortion, intimidation, assault, or harassment; possession of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, vandalism, throwing objects, failure to respond to a reasonable request or to give a proper name.




  Grades K–3 Grades 4–5 Grades 6–12
Exceptional Misconduct* Five (5) days minimum exclusion from all buses. Ten (10) days minimum exclusion from all buses. Twenty (20) days minimum exclusion from all buses.
Second Exceptional Misconduct* Ten (10) days minimum exclusion from all buses. Twenty (20) days minimum exclusion from all buses. Forty-five (45) days minimum exclusion from all buses.


For certain exceptional misconduct behaviors a student will forfeit all bus riding privileges for an indefinite length of time. Contact the Transportation Department for information concerning reinstatement of bus riding privileges.

*Additional consequences may be imposed by the school AIW MLSD policy 3300. A conference with the parent{s)/guardian(s) required before the student's bus riding privileges are reinstated.


You will be responsible for getting your child to and from school when bus-riding privileges are suspended. Please review the EXPECTATIONSF OR BUS RIDERS{ on the reverse side) with your student. Emphasize the importance of safety on the school bus, while waiting for the bus and while walking to and from the bus.