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Moses Lake School District
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Family & Consumer Science

Human Services is a vast field that describes many different occupations. However, there is one common thread that runs throughout the Human Services field and defines it. Human Services are those jobs that provide a service to society.
Students will learn ASL structures and the importance of body language and facial expression. This course is taught 99% voices off. Attendance is required as this is a rigorous course.
Study children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development in various stages. Special topics will include child abuse, childcare options, communicating with children, discipline and guidance, the importance of play, and food and nutrition.
This course teaches students basic cooking techniques, food preparation and information about the food service industry.
Prepare students for life-long decision-making solving, critical thinking and management's skill related to health and wellness issues impacting families.
Will explore fashion and sewing through hands-on projects. Sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machines will be used for project completion. Students will be responsible for purchasing some supplies and their cost is determined by students' choices.
Information regarding furniture, housing styles and tricks of the trade will be learned. Chief Architect, a trade based CAD program will be used. In addition to interior Design topics, students will also learn basic entry-level floral design...
Design to allow you to be a good consumer, manage your money wisely and understand banking and credit, gain insight into relationships and facing life's challenges.
Students will have hands-on opportunities to work with children and teachers. Students learn about and explore learning theories and styles, teaching methods, and classroom management.
We have a preschool program on site and children ages three to five come to Preschool Tuesday - Thursday. You will get to plan lessons and teach them in a classroom setting.