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Moses Lake School District
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Skilled & Technical Sciences

Creative students who see themselves designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment, or processing materials into intermediate or final products will want to pursue courses in the Skilled & Technical Sciences Pathway.
The AP 2D Studio Art Program consists of a portfolio exam in 2D Design and Drawing- corresponding to the college foundation courses. Portfolios allow flexibility of coursework while guiding students to produce college-level quality, artistic investigation, and breadth of work.
This course is designed to familiarize the student with maintaining & servicing the automobile. The student that completes this class will have the knowledge and skills to perform minor repairs & maintenance on many vehicles & maintain their own vehicle and is interested in the automotive repair industry.
Students in this class will learn a variety of media applications use of pencil, color, design, grids, painting, foils, lettering, 3D lettering, digital photography, folding of shaped boxes, vinyl & jewelry design.
Students will be taught basic jewelry making skills such as filing, sawing, soldering, and casting/stone setting. Using a variety of materials such as beads, metals glass, etc.
This course offers hands-on lab activities. Pour liquid metal, grow crystals, make colored glass, dense the properties of metals, ceramics, polymers, composing composites and transform polymers. Use science & engineering practices to explore materials used in manufacturing & everyday life.
This course introduces basic hand tool & welding processes. Students will complete multiple projects using processes commonly found in the metals trade.
Students will learn basic and techniques such as camera functions and use, composition and design, applications, history, and technology. Students will use professional quality cameras and will learn picture-editing in Photoshop.
This class introduces students to the operation and repair of small engines. Students will learn shop & tool safety, tool usage, using measuring tools and diagnostic tools. Students will learn how to diagnose & disassemble the engine & repair it. This class is perfect if students would like to learn how to maintain their own engine or entering the ag field of repair.
Vocational Metals is a course designed for beginning students. No prior skill is required