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Digital Learning Center

Moses Lake School District offers an online curriculum for our Digital Online Learning Students to fulfill their educational requirements. To enroll in MLSD Digital, students must first meet with their school counselor to request a referral.

To schedule an appointment with your child's counselor, call the counseling office at 766-2666 ext. 40130.

To Student/Family Considering Digital Coursework

First and foremost, thank you for advocating for your and/or your child’s education. We appreciate you looking into possible options to increase the potential for successful completion of high school. We recognize that not all students learn in the same manner or have the same educational needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide digital coursework as an option when it’s necessary.  Digital coursework is not the most ideal approach for the majority of students. It does not lend itself to collaborating with peers and being involved in rich classroom discussions, something that research for student learning clearly supports. However, we know that in some cases, Digital coursework can benefit students on a temporary basis. The ultimate goal for our digital teachers and administration is to help students transition back into a classroom setting.

Kristi Hofheins

Executive Director of Teaching & Learning


Some criteria that would qualify a student to participate in either part-time or full-time digital status includes the following:

  • Experiencing severe health issues, making consistent attendance at school nearly impossible.
  • Necessary to be home to care for own child(ren).
  • Credit deficiency.
  • PE can only be taken online to acquire 1 of the 1.5 credit requirement and that student’s course load is already full of rigorous coursework (11th and 12th grade).
  • Traumatic life event that excludes a student from success in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Adding flexibility to student schedule to allow a student to stay on track for graduation.
  • Discipline issues.


MLSD Digital utilizes 3 online curriculum providers:

          Student access:
Rosetta Stone
          Student access:
          Student access:

Digital Learning Office

1042 W Ivy, Moses Lake, WA 98837


Doug Boole, Coordinator/Instructor (509) 793-7626 ·
Myra Creviston, Instructor (509) 793-7654 ·
Brett Hammond, Instructor (509) 793-7676 ·
Rick Rosenow, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40418 ·
Wayne Johnson, Instructor (509) 793-7606  ·
Kevin Whittall, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40614  ·
Sarah Niehenke, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40601 ·
Olga Yel'Chaninov, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40809 ·
Brooke Frederick, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40404 ·
Rhonda Berg, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40803 ·
Kimber Lybbert, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40301 ·
Shane Kincaid, Instructor (509) 766-2666 40302 ·

Office Staff

Lynn McAlavy, Office Manager (509) 793-7660 ·
Tina Hirz, Secretary/Receptionist (509) 793-7600 ·


Lisa Sniffin, (509) 793-7673 ·
Kristen Enger, (509) 766-2666 ext. 40302 ·