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Goodwill Connect


Goodwill has a new program for the residents of Washington state called “Goodwill Connect”. This program has a goal to provide client services in the form of digital assistance via a hotline, consideration for a new device gifting program, digital skills education, and local resource navigation. The new program is for residents across the state but especially for those in rural and remote areas, as well as those from Tribal communities and communities of color.

Participants can qualify to receive a 100% no-obligation Chromebook from Goodwill. All anyone must do is call the hotline number (1.844.492.6663) and answer some basic questions! The most basic requirement is the participant cannot have their own computer, they must be at 135% of the poverty line, and they must be 16 or older to apply (but parents can apply for their children!).

Goodwill’s Digital Navigators seek to help people find the resources they need, and are mainly tasked with helping people:

  • Get personal help using a computer or digital device
  • Find affordable and quality internet service
  • Get tech support for their devices
  • Find a computer or device
  • Build computer skills