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Grading FAQs

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As part of a school district’s continuous learning efforts and in alignment with new grading requirements from OSPI and the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Moses Lake School District will proceed in a manner that causes no harm to students in terms of grading. (Read more from OSPI here.)
Student grades will not be negatively impacted as a result of the March 17, 2020, building closures OR of continuous remote learning through the end of the 2019–20 school year. The Moses Lake School District will continue using grades as a means of communicating student progress and determining credit. However, no student will receive a failing grade for any class during the COVID-19 closure period. Students are expected to participate and engage in the learning.
These decisions and guidance for student learning and grading are grounded in equity, fairness, and accuracy.
So, what's changing?
  • 3rd Quarter (Q3) ends on March 16, 2020
  • 4th Quarter (Q4) begins March 17, 2020, through the remainder of the school year
  • K-5 students will not receive a report card for Q3, but will receive one at the end of the year
  • 6-12 student grades issued at the end of the school year can be no lower than the student's grade as of March 17, 2020
  • No student will receive an 'F' during Q4
  • Attendance will not be a factor when determining student grades, however, students who fail to actively participate in continuous learning may be awarded an Incomplete (I)
  • Courses that were originally graded Pass/Fail will be converted to graded as Pass/Incomplete
The Guidelines
  • Do no harm
  • Every student can improve their grade from March 17, 2020
  • No Passes, No Fails, No non-credits
  • Incomplete's are assigned in classes for students who "cannot engage in an equitable way" 
  • F's are not an option
  • Students will be given opportunities to re-engage in the learning standards based on local school district decisions in consultation with the student/parents/guardians
No. Students can continue to improve their grades, or they can receive an Incomplete. If they earn an Incomplete, they will be extended additional opportunities to complete the key learning standards in the future. 
No. Retention (repeating a grade level) of students is prohibited. This includes students considered for retention
prior to the COVID-19 closure.
The Moses Lake School District will take attendance consistent with their continuous learning plan; however, attendance will not be a factor when determining student grades or as a condition of receiving apportionment. The Moses Lake School District will not hold students and families accountable for truancy rules through the end of the 2019–20 school year.
No. Only students in grades 6-12 will receive a Q3 report card. Report cards are not expected from K-5 teachers but we always encourage continued progress conversation directly with parents.
Q4 report cards, however, will be issued to all students K-12 at the end of the school year.
Standards-Based Grading will continue for students grades 1st through 5th grade. The general principles of "do
no harm", attendance not being a factor, and the ability to improve performance still apply.
Yes. Whatever their grade was as of March 16 is what will be reported for Q3. Q4 will begin using the grade reported for Q3 as a baseline for improvement. 
Q3.....Grades will be based on student work up through March 16, 2020. This will serve as the baseline
grade. Students and parents (Grades 6-12) will receive a report card indicating their baseline grade. The traditional grading scale (A-F, P/F, etc.) is applicable to the 3rd quarter grades.
Q4 .....Students may earn grades on a scale of A-D and Incomplete. This scale only applies to the final grades at the end of the year.
All transcripts for a grading term, semester, quarter, or trimester that included closure days in the 2019–20
school year due to the COVID-19 emergency will have a COVID-19 designation.
An incomplete is viewed as doing no harm because it does not count against the student's GPA. Incomplete grades afford additional time for students to complete the key learning of required standards.

The following options are available per class upon each teacher's discretion. Students will be given two or more of the following options per 'Incomplete' course:

OPTION #1 The Teacher will work directly with the student to provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their mastery of the Essential Standards through alternate projects/tasks. The student could earn no lower than their third quarter grade as a final grade. (Completion by Oct 31, 2020) 
OPTION #2 Student works with counselor to re-enroll and retake the entire class (Completion by end of 2020-21 school year) 
OPTION #3 Student works directly with teacher to complete "missing" work to finalize the course. The student could earn no lower than their third quarter grade as a final grade. (Completion by Jan 31, 2021) 

OPTION #4 Summer school enrollment to complete a 1/2 credit course (whole course). (Completion by August 31, 2020)
OPTION #5 Summer school enrollment to complete 1/4 credit course (4th quarter). (Completion by August 31, 2020)
OPTION #6 Hardship Review Request may be requested by teacher/staff/st/student/parent for special circumstances relating to individual students. (Completion by June 30, 2020)
High School Class (taught in middle school): These courses, which earn high school credit, graduation requirements, and are GPA bearing -  will follow the options outlined for High School Incompletes (see above). Classes include Spanish I, Spanish II, Algebra, and Geometry. (Completion by end-date outlined in High School Option.)
All Other Classes: All middle school courses (with the exception of the above High School courses) will meet course completion via (not limited to): Core Support Classes, Academic Advisory Classes, Reorganizing Syllabus/Curriculum. (Completion by the end of 2020-21 school year)
The incomplete will remain on their transcript.