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Moses Lake School District
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Home Hospital Instruction

Home Hospital Tutoring

MLSD provides tutoring for students who are temporarily (between 4 and 18 weeks) unable to attend school because of physical disability or illness. The district determines student eligibility for Home Hospital (HH) tutoring based on the requirements found in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-171-486-02100.
Tutoring services are offered to qualified students for 3 hours a week and tutors will support academic progress with grade-level standards. HH is not a program that replaces instruction in the school setting and therefore cannot guarantee maintenance of grades or credit in classes. If you are concerned about credit and grades, working with your school counselor and teacher for home or Digital classes may be an alternative to consider.
Home Hospital tutoring requests require parents to obtain the signature of a qualified medical practitioner, a diagnosis, and an estimate of the number of weeks the student will be out of school. The form must be returned to your school counselor for approval, processing, and assignment of a tutor. The form is provided below.