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Puberty/HIV Curriculum

February 23, 2021 

Dear Parents/Guardians of Fifth Grade Students: 

In previous years, 5th grade students in the Moses Lake School District, have been taught puberty by the school nurses at their home schools. This year's instruction on the topic of puberty with 5th-grade students will be a school-based decision.  You will be notified approximately 1 week in advance from your school nurse if your school nurse will be teaching puberty. There will not be any HIV/AIDS education this year, only puberty. 

The School Nurses invite you to teach puberty at home with the help of the Proctor and Gamble videos that are online. These puberty videos are the same videos that are shown in class by the school nurses. There are 3 videos to choose from. There is a girls-only video, a boys-only video, and a co-ed video.  In school, we show the boys or the girls video. Of course, these videos are not mandatory for you to show.  However, if you decide to use a video to help educate your child regarding puberty, you may use the following links: 




Parents/guardians are able to opt their student out of puberty instruction if your school is offering it by filling out an “Opt-Out” form before instruction begins. “Opt-Out” forms are available at your student’s school and may be turned in at the school office. If you choose to opt your student out, please complete the form immediately to ensure that when puberty instruction does begin at your child’s school, his/her name will be included on the “Opt-Out” list. 

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact your school nurse. 


MLSD School Nurses