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Sangha » Teachers - Sangha FAQ

Teachers - Sangha FAQ

Sangha - Teacher FAQ

How do I log in to Sangha?

  • Admins/teachers can log in to the web app via their respective school websites.
  • Admins/teachers can download the Sangha Admin and Teacher app (Currently in Beta) from the Apple App Store or Google Play and login that way as well.

What is the sequence of notifications with messages sent as "Digest"?

App - Immediately
Email - 6 pm (upcoming events and messages)
SMS - if any digest messages had the SMS button selected, 6 pm text with a link to messages (messages only)
Call - if any digest messages had the RoboCall button selected, 6 pm call reading off the messages (messages only)

Why can't parents reply to my messages?

There are two types of messages that can be sent to parents within Sangha.
  • Announcements are one-way messages, no reply available.
  • Parent Messages are two-way conversations between the teacher and ALL parents involved with that student.

Why are my Google Calendar events showing up in Sangha?

Sangha is designed to be linked to a classroom calendar. By default, it links to your main Google Calendar. As a best practice, it is recommended that you create a public-facing classroom calendar that will be linked with Sangha. Click here for instructions on how to configure this.

Need Help?

Have questions about Sangha? Submit a Help Desk ticket and select Incident Resolution/Website/Sangha. Please provide as much information about your issue/question as possible in the email, as well as the best way to contact you. This ticket will get to David Bousson, who will help you get everything figured out!