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Smarter Balanced

A Complete Assessment System

With new state standards, students are working harder, thinking more critically, and applying their learning to the real world. To measure these new standards, educators from states using Smarter tests have worked together to develop new, high-quality tests in English and math for grades 3–8 and high school.

Better Information for Teachers and Parents

Teachers can check students’ progress throughout the year, and end-of-year tests measure what students know and how much they’ve improved.

Customized to Each Student

Using computer adaptive technology, our tests are customized to every student. When a student answers correctly, the next question will be harder, and a wrong answer will lead to an easier question. This format lets students show what they know.

Accessible to All Students

All students, including students with disabilities and English language learners, can take the test. Extra features allow all students to demonstrate what they know.

Relevant for Life after High School

Students take the test online and must research, write, and solve problems. These questions measure the critical thinking skills students need for college and careers.
  • Endorsed by Higher Education (More than 220 colleges and universities use Smarter Balanced test scores as evidence that students are prepared for entry-level, credit-bearing coursework.)

Useful for Improving Teaching

Our system helps inform teachers' instruction by identifying where students need more support. Teachers also have access to a digital library of resources to help improve their instruction and meet students' individual needs.