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Moses Lake School District
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Tech Staff Info and Assignments

Back Row (Left to Right): Jacob Malecha, David Bousson, Kurt Hickman, Cade Weber, Bryan Bjork, Nathan Clark, Austin Hill, Matthew Banda, Nathan LeGrand
Front Row (Left to Right): Maria Rodriguez, Luis Garza, Marlin Howell, Brynn Howell, Gene Baxter, Angie Cross, Ezzie Araiza
Marlin Howell
Responsibilities: ERATE, State Technology Plans, Managing Technical Staff
Technology Integration into the Classroom, Help Desk Support
Strategic Planning & Project Management, WSIPC Cooperative Connectivity (Student/Fiscal)
Phone: 509-766-2698 - x7499
Direct dial: 509-793-7499
Angie Cross
Secretary, Purchasing, Help Desk Coordinator
509-766-2698 - Ext 7477
Help Desk
509-766-2698 - Ext 4411
Esteban Araiza (Ezzi)
CB Tech, Transportation/Board Room, Knolls Vista ES, Food Services/Warehouse/Auto Tech
509-766-2698 - Ext 7481
Bryan Bjork
Moses Lake High School
509-766-2666 - Ext 7492
Luis Garza
Chief Moses, Lakeview Terrace
509-766-2698 - Ext 7486
Austin Hill
Learning Services Center, 18-21 (The Summit), Garden Heights
509-766-2698 - Ext 7475
Tierra Hopkins
Frontier Middle School, Midway, Digital Learning, Lion's Field
509-766-2698 - Ext 7487
Nathan LeGrand
Endeavor, Larson Heights, North, Park Orchard, Maintenance
509-766-2698 - Ext 7491
Cade Weber
Device/Warranty Repair
509-766-2698 - Ext 7480
David Bousson (II)
Sage Point ES (Building Tech), District and School Websites, Mobile Device Management (MDM), SchoolMessenger
509-766-2698 - Ext 7488
Nathan Clark (II)
Peninsula ES (Building Tech), Phones, Voicemail, Camera Systems
509-766-2698 - Ext 7493
Maria Rodriguez (II)
Print Servers, Chromebook Management (1:1), Helpdesk Routing/Accounts, Active Directory groups
Server support, Enterprise App support
509-766-2698 - Ext 7474
Gene Baxter (III)
Windows Servers, Active Directory Architecture, Enterprise Solutions
Email Administrator, G-Suite Administrator
509-766-2698 - Ext 7495
Kurt Hickman (III)
Longview ES (Building Tech), Wired and wireless network infrastructure, External and Internal web filtering
509-766-2698 - Ext 7489