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Moses Lake School District
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Strategic Plan

What is a Strategic Plan?

Through the strategic plan creation process, our district and community become partners in creating a 3-5 year plan to improve our school district. The Strategic Plan is a document used to communicate Moses Lake School District's goals, the priorities needed to achieve those goals, and metrics used to measure progress on those goals. It includes both the academic and operational aspects of the school district.  This shared sense of ownership enables us to overcome obstacles and discover new possibilities for students.

Our goal is to empower our parents, students, district employees, city officials, business partners, and community, to collaboratively shape the future of our school district guided by the Strategic Plan. All Strategic plans aim:

  • To prepare ALL students to meet or exceed academic and social-emotional learning benchmarks at each grade level and;
  • To graduate ALL students prepared for college, career, and life experiences


Through this process, we will develop the Strategic Plan in a way that:

  • Clarifies the goals and measures for student achievement (academic and social-emotional learning);
  • Outlines a roadmap for accomplishing the goals;
  • Embraces the diverse voices of all;
  • Mobilizes leadership (staff, students, families, and community) for courageous action at all levels.

Who creates the Strategic plan?

Strategic plans are aligned with the Boards governing policies. Through these policies, the Board sets the directive; however, the Superintendent ensures a process is put in place to develop and implement a strategic plan. Here are the roles necessary for successful plan creation:


Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) ➢ Develop and recommend a final draft of the Strategic Plan to the Board. Committee members are a broad range of stakeholders and representatives in our community nominated by building administration, including local business leaders, students, parents, staff, and administration. 

District Leadership & Small Work Groups ➢ Provide support in the planning process (e.g. refine and consolidate the work of the SPC, analyze and provide data, gather input from ALL constituents)

Stakeholders (students, parents, families, community) ➢ Provide feedback and input in various formats throughout the entire process to the SPC, which may include a variety of survey formats.

School Board ➢ Reviews the progress of the Strategic Planning process, provides feedback, and holds the authority to adopt the FINAL Strategic Plan

Participant Building/Role
Claren McLaughlin  Media/Tech Support
Lisa Cox  Meeting Support
Certificated Staff Representatives  
April Edwards Midway 2nd Grade
Cecilia Reyes Larson Heights 2nd Grade
Michael Shelton Frontier
Tricia Albright MLHS
Amber Sansom MLHS
Enrique Tarver MLHS
Heather Whittall MLEA President
Monica McAtee Instructional Coach
Anna Griffith Instructional Coach
Classified Staff Representatives  
Jackie Bartunek Columbia Para/PSE Co-President
Rosalie O'Brien Warehouse Custodian
Tammi Miers Frontier Secretary
Donna Massey Transportation
Ava Ward MLHS
Jenny Nighswonger ECEAP Coordinator
Christine Armstrong CB Tech
Lynn Frey Early Learning
Thomas Jay MLHS
Brandon Byers Digital
Kelly Cutter Vanguard
Michelle Johnstone Garden Heights
Kristi Bateman Lakeview
Sara Richards Frontier
Cheri Ward Park Orchard
Nikki Mackey Groff
District Admin  
Carol Lewis Assistant Superintendent
Jeremy O'Neil Chief Operations Officer
Triscia Hochstatter Executive Director, Secondary Ed.
Robbie Mason Executive Director, Elementary Ed.
Monty Sabin Superintendent
Stefanie Lowry Director of Finance
Michelle Musso HR Director
Nick Bontrager Assistant Director, Data
Karen Schotzko Director of Multilingual & Migrant Ed
Sammi Burgess Director of Special Services
James Yonko CTE Director
Loren Sandhop Athletic Director
Marlin Howell IT Director
Tim Fought Transportation Director
Don Sherfey Maintenance Director
School Board  
Kevin Fuhr  President
Shannon Hintz  Vice-President
Community Representatives  
Bryce Humphreys
BBCC, VP of Learning & Student Success
Allison Williams City Manager
Oscar Ochoa
Community Member/Former Board Member
Kim Pope Boys & Girls Club, Exec Director
Debbie Doran-Martinez Chamber President
Rachelle Lange EDC
Susan Carbon Hospital Board Member
Benao, Herman Elementary
Efigenio, Susie Elementary and Middle School
Hebdon, Portia High School
Feller, David All Grades
Morigeau, Kyrissa All Grades
Morigeau, Justin All Grades
Nash, Ekko All Grades
Edgar Hernandez-Lopez PAC
Student Representatives  
Selyla G. MLHS
Aubry F. MLHS
Marianna C. CBTech/MLHS
Victor T. CBTech/MLHS
Diego R. Endeavor
Alberto R. Endeavor
Raina V. Endeavor
Selena R. Vanguard
Ryan H. MLHS
Kameron M. MLHS
Kalyn C. MLHS
Bisente D. MLHS
Devin M. Vanguard
Kolby L. Columbia
Emma T. Columbia
Selena R. Vanguard




  • Roles, purpose, norms, process
  • Draft ‘Profile of a Graduate
  • Draft ‘MLSD Vision Statement’


  • Revise/Finalize Profile of a Graduate
  • Revise/Finalize MLSD Vision Statement
  • Draft Mission and Core Values/Beliefs


  • Revise/Finalize Mission and Core Values/Beliefs
  • Draft Goals


  • Revise/Finalize Goals (4-6)
  • Review of Draft Measures (created by District Leadership/Small Work Groups)
  • Draft Pillars (District Leaderhsip/Small Work Groups will draft Professional Pratices, Strategic Priorities, Key Actions)


  • Revise/Finalize Measures (input from District Leadership/Small Work Groups)
  • Revise/Finalize Pillars
  • Revise/Finalize Professional Practices, Strategic Priorities, Key Actions (created by District Leadership/Small Workgroups)


Finalize ENTIRE Strategic Plan for recommendation to the Board

May 2023

Board Approval




Dr. Linda McKay, Assistant Superintendent | North Central ESD 171