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Moses Lake School District
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Summit (18-21 year old students)

Mt. Rainier at Sunrise
1328 E Hunter Place, Moses Lake, WA 98837
509.766.2670 x7570
Joy McClendon, Teacher

What is Summit?

Summit began in January 2017 to help students 18-21 years of age with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) transition from high school to the workforce. These students, who have completed their high school requirements, can still be in school through 21. Summit works with students who aren’t sure what to do after high school by focusing on independent living skills and the transition to the workplace. Students are given opportunities to have work experience and build their resumes for gainful employment.
APPLY NOW to be a Summit student
Students can apply for entry at any time.
Applications are reviewed for upcoming school quarters throughout the school year.


Who am I?

My name is Joy McClendon. I joined Moses Lake School District in August of 2015, first in a Life Skills classroom and now at The Summit. I love teaching and have taught at Big Bend Community College for over 10 years. I completed my Master's in Special Education in May 2018. I have lived in Moses Lake for over 20 years and love serving students and families in our community. I have a deep passion for kids and believe in the best for them.

Our Goal?

All students will leave with work strengths identified and skills necessary for paid employment.

The Program

Phase 1

Identify interests
Gain experience in volunteering
Learn to write a resume
Discover hobbies
Learn how to spend downtime
Create personal power points for IEP meetings
Make a needed connection with DVR/DDA
Time management
Work on the basics...what do I need to get a job, keep a job, expectations of employers, etc.

Phase 2

Build a resume
Begin to fine-tune interests
Explore opportunities (food handlers card, $ and comfort with budgeting, making change, etc., opening a savings account)
Explore BBCC / audit a class (Is college right for me?)
Short-term internships to peak job interests, building a portfolio
Day job vs. Dream job

Phase 3

Obtain gainful employment!
Portfolio complete
Make a final connection with DVR or DDA for life after The Summit

Come and see us! The kids are incredible, and the program is growing!! We are so excited for these young adults and what the future holds for them!