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The Moses Lake School District Transportation Department provides safe, efficient, and free transportation for students who reside within their school attendance area but outside their school’s no-transportation zone.



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Please fill out the bus registration form to reserve your student's spot on the bus (fill out the form for each student in your household):

This year, we’re eager to introduce a student ridership program called SMARTtag which will change how our students ride the bus. These exciting changes will improve student safety and security by ensuring your child is getting on the right bus and off at the right stop. SMARTtag will also allow parents to receive notifications about their child’s riding activity and view the status of their child’s bus. 

To ensure a smooth launch of the SMARTtag system and implement the new technology, we require each child that rides the bus to register for transportation this year. Registration allows our transportation department to control bus capacities, outline efficient routes, and plan the safest bus stops.

  • Transportation is free for all students and provided to those who reside within their school attendance area. (Students do not qualify for transportation services if they reside in a walking zone or have been approved for In-District transfer.)
  • Students that receive specialized education transportation services do not need to register (i.e IEP or McKinney-Vento). This will be done for you through Special Services. 
Need Help with Registration?
Call Transportation at (509) 766.2676
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 The Moses Lake School District will soon be launching SMART tag, which will change how students ride the bus. These exciting changes will improve student safety and security while riding their bus. SMART tag is a student ridership authorization solution, which, simply put, will ensure your child is getting on the right bus and off at the right stop.

How it Works

Each student will be issued a SMART tag card, similar to the one below.

id card

Students will scan this card on a card reader when they get on the bus and when they get off. SMART tag will authorize the student, or alert the driver through the onboard tablet computer if:

  • A student attempts to get on a bus that does not go to their school
  • A student attempts to get off at a stop that is not their assigned stop
  • The SMART tag Parent Portal will allow parents to view their children’s riding activity, current riding status (on bus, dropped off, or has not ridden), manage text notifications, and more.
how it works how it works  smart tag graphic   
The MLSD Parent Portal will not be immediately set up, so you will not be able to register at this time. Please be patient while we work through the process of implementing SMART tag. We will send out a communication when the Parent Portal is set up and open for registration.



SMART tag provides the driver with a student profile with a photo ID. The system enables drivers to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively while improving overall safety and security. It also automates seating charts, maintenance requests, and other critical documentation.
SMART tag not only provides immediate information regarding which students are on which bus, it also automates a number of reporting functions for transportation department personnel, such as state headcount and mileage reports. SMART tag also provides efficient communication between the transportation department, schools, and parents.
The bus driver will be able to view the student’s picture, name, ID number, seat number, school, grade, and bus stop. No personal student information is stored on a SMART tag ID badge, only the student ID number.
Yes, in order to foster increased student safety and security as well as to provide a more efficient process of loading and unloading our buses, SMART tag ID badges will be required for all riders. Additionally, in order to minimize the manual review of students who misplace or forget SMART tag ID badges at home or school, those students possessing SMART tag ID badges will be allowed to board the bus first.
No, students will retain their SMART tag from year to year.
No, the SMART tag system will not provide weather-related or emergency notifications. Information regarding inclement weather, bus accidents, and other emergency notifications will be provided by MLSD administration via a separate communication.
In the event your bus route is canceled, you will receive a notification from SMART tag. 
No. Tags are programmed with the student identification number only. The RFID tag simply presents the ID number to the SMART tag tablet RFID reader which pulls from the student information associated with the ID number. The badge cannot be read/tracked anywhere else or be read/tracked by any other product. 

For more information, please contact: 

940 E Yonezawa Blvd
P 509.766.2676
F 509.793.7225