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Moses Lake School District
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The Moses Lake High School is excited to introduce the revised branding and logo for its new mascot, the Mavericks. Formerly, the Chiefs, the mascot change is a result of House Bill 1356, which passed in April 2021, prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols, or images as public school mascots, logos, or team names.

Student and community input was crucial for finding the mascot that represents our community. After developing a Mascot Committee, and surveying staff, students, and community members, the committee chose the Mavericks to represent Moses Lake High School.

The Maverick is independent-minded, entrepreneurial, and driven in pursuit of their goal. MLHS athletic staff went to work with the Varsity Brands team to develop the look for the mascot while maintaining the original fonts and colors. The two-toned maverick is designed to be bold and recognizable while working effortlessly across digital platforms and physical supplies.

The new mascot evokes strength, determination, and perseverance – embodying the values of our community and the future of Moses Lake High School.