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Moses Lake School District
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School Board

The Moses Lake School Board is legally responsible to the state for the governance of the school district. It establishes policies, hires staff, approves the budget, and oversees the development of curriculum and building construction programs.
Five elected citizens make up the Moses Lake School Board. These individuals represent five geographic areas of the school district and work very hard to guide the district on our mission of educating our students. The board members are elected to four-year terms, which are staggered to assure continuity. The president and vice president are elected annually by the board, and a legislative representative is elected every two years.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 6pm. We encourage the public to participate via Livestream, or attend the meetings at the School Board Room located at 940 E. Yonezawa Blvd, Moses Lake, WA 98837.
Agendas for board meetings are available through the Board Docs.
The Board may call "Special Meetings" for a specific purpose. The date, time, and place of these meetings will be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

Public Comment Sign Up  // Due 12pm on meeting day

The purpose of a regular School Board meeting is to allow the Board to conduct school business in an open forum. A time for public comment occurs at regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings to provide an opportunity for individuals to address the board regarding school district issues.
The Board values and welcomes civil, respectful statements and clear, concise communications that inform its deliberations. The Board uses the public comment period as an opportunity to listen to citizen concerns, but not to debate issues or enter into a question-and-answer session. Public comment allows the Board and Superintendent to hear issues that interest our community. However, it is not a dialogue between the speaker, Board, or Superintendent. 
  • Individuals wishing to comment in-person, must fill out the 'Public Comment Form.'
  • Individual comments must be less than 3 minutes in duration. Each speaker is limited to one speaking opportunity on a given subject during a single meeting.
  • Comments about specific staff members will not be accepted in this forum. Comments regarding staff members, whether positive or negative, are best delivered in writing. Please review Board Policy 4220, which explains the procedure for resolving a concern about a staff member.
  • Comments about the ethnicity and/or the character or motives of individuals will not be tolerated.
  • The Board President may, at his/her discretion, interrupt, warn, or terminate public commentary if it interferes with the orderly conduct of the meeting or does not adhere to the above parameters.
Please fill out this form to let us know you want to speak about an agenda item or wish to submit a written comment:

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, the board is not allowed to discuss items that are not on the agenda. The board will direct the superintendent to follow up on any items that arise during public comment as appropriate. However, you should not expect a response from the board members in reference to your public comments during the meeting.

Submission is due no later than 12pm on the day of meeting. This early submission may allow the district to research and/or address patron concerns before the meeting. After submitting a request to address the board you will receive a confirmation email or phone call prior to the meeting.