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Moses Lake School District
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Facilities Advisory Committee

About the Committee

Our District is re-engaging in the critical work of planning for its capital infrastructure needs. The Facilities Advisory Committee will play a crucial role in identifying what those infrastructure needs are and the strategies employed to see them to fruition.

Meeting Minutes – February 2
Committee Members
Blake Rollins
Cindy Hachtel
Josh McPherson
Kent Marsden
Kevin Donovan
Kevin Fuhr
Kevin Richards
Kevin Schmidt
Lisa Castro
Martha Workman
Matt Paluch
Misty Aguilar
Paul Hill
Shane Heston
Susan Freeman
Tom Gaines
Ava Ward
Ben Rawlinson
Brian Sewell
Carol Lewis
Casey Cooper
Chris Kalmbach
Claren McLaughlin
Don Sherfey
James Yonko
Jana Hardy
Jenny NIghswonger
Jeremy O'Neil
Jeremy Quilter
Kimmy Shifflet
Lisa Cox
Lorri Smith
Lynn Frey
Maegan Ley
Monty Sabin
Russell Kovalenko
Stefanie Lowry
Tami Mackey
Ted Mack
Thomas Jay