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Moses Lake School District
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Weather Policies

School Closures (weather-related)

Schools may be closed for inclement weather (snow, freezing rain, below zero temperatures, wind chills, etc.) and when it is dangerous to put buses on the road.

Late Starts (weather-related)

On marginal days when it appears the weather will break, schools may be scheduled to start up to two hours later than normal. This allows road crews to catch up, temperatures to rise, and buses to run in daylight.
What about MONDAY? All 2-hour late starts use regular Tue-Fri start time. The times listed below will be for ALL days
  • All Elementary Schools Start @ 11 AM
  • All Middle Schools Start @ 10 AM
  • MLHS Starts with class period #1 @ 9:45 AM
  • CB Tech Session #1 Cancelled
All elementary and middle school bus routes will run 2 hours later than normal.
All MLHS bus routes will follow the track #2 schedule that will run 2 hours later than normal.
No morning pre-school.
No breakfast served.
If conditions do not improve, this late start may be changed to a closure. Notification will go out by 7 AM.

Early Closure

Because of the possibility of children coming home to locked houses, we will make every effort not to close schools early. However, under severe emergency conditions, we may need to proceed with early closure. Early closure will be announced on local radio stations and our phone messaging system.

When bad weather occurs, parents should:

  • Listen to local radio or TV stations
  • Dress your children warmly
  • Provide a way for children to enter the home if buses run late or school closes early
Parents are always the decision-maker for their children. If the weather conditions are such that you feel your child should not attend school but school is open, please be sure to make an attendance call. 

Local Radio Stations

  • KBSN AM 1470
  • KDRM FM 99.3
  • KULE AM 730
  • KULE FM 95.9
  • KWIQ AM 1020
  • KWIQ FM 100.3
  • KWWW FM 96.7
  • KZML 95.9 FM Spanish
  • LWLN 103.3 FM Spanish
  • KRCW 96.3 Spanish
  • KPQ 560AM
The major television stations from Spokane also broadcast this information.
For the most up to date information, visit the following links:
Or you can call 509 793-7200 for a recorded message.